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Although we were definitely constrained by our lack of expertise in many of the tools we used as well as in video production, our work clearly expressed our original intent. The "holographic" effect was undeniably achieved; the projection was vivid with vibrant colors and the movement was smooth and clearly "popped out" of the phone screen. Coupled with the surround sound audio, the overall experience was believable. 

However, various elements dampened the intended effect, such as the clumsily cut perspex CD cover, which resulting in jagged edges and visible scratches, and the poor decision to use Krazy Glue, which left sticky residue and a hazy film over the supposedly clear CD cover. In addition, the video was shot in a room that leaked fluorescent light, despite our attempts to create a dark setting with chairs and jackets. At the same time, the relative darkness of the surroundings combined with our amateur photography skills made it hard to clearly focus on the hologram through the camera lens. 

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