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What does your inner critic say about this work? Is it beautiful and interesting?

As the creator of the work, when I view it, I'm influenced by the amount of effort each member had to put in, simply because we didn't know how to use the camera or Photoshop well enough. At the same time, I think it does give the effect we wanted it to have, that is, at first you can't see the "face," but then after the first iteration, you can see it because its already been revealed. In addition to its physically sad face, the fading of the face, both in and out, also gives it emotion and creates a sad theme. I think we could have played more with the lighting, but overall, I think its a good representation of our skill level and does evoke emotion, which does make it beautiful in a sense. As for interesting, I think it doesn't hold my attention for a long time, that is, after 3 iterations I feel like I've seen it all, but at the same time, I'm not quite sure how to make it more interesting. I also think the lack of action makes it more poetic because much of the experience is then up to how the viewer wants to interpret it.

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