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Our visual inspiration from this work came from loading icons, which are usually generated algorithmically. Hence, the visual animation is mathematically beautiful, being constructed from algorithms over imprecise human estimation. Beyond the animation, the illusion used is a particularly striking one. It's very hard to not see the triangles suggested, so our work is definitely effective at conveying the visual effect.

We struggled a bit with the sound aspect--that much is apparent. We tried using the Shepard Tone illusion and splicing in the Pac-Man soundtrack in various ways before deciding on using static as a buffer both for the visual aspect and for the audial loop. Making a seamless audio loop in JavaScript required workarounds, as normally, a looping audio track will skip.

More thought could have been put into using color, though it would have been worse to use color with indiscretion. We ended up indecisive on our choice of staying with black and white versus a more vibrant color. Both options are accessible through the project frame.

This work definitely succeeds in general form and idea behind the forms, though it is somewhat weak in fully expressing our meaning.

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