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We shot the video of the bridge on an iPhone 6 camera, taking about 10-15 seconds of footage of the bridge's moving rainbow effect. To create the looping effect of the gif, we edited the video in Final Cut Pro, speeding up the video so one iteration of the rainbow loop would fit into the 3 second gif and cutting the clip so that the first and last frames would appear as identical to each other as possible (e.g. the colors on the bridge would be in the same location).  In order to minimize how noticeable the loop of the gif was, we also applied a stabilization effect that removed the jump caused from the gif looping.

The colored filters over each frame were added in Photoshop. The filters iterate through each color of the rainbow and then to no added color at all to give viewers an idea of what the natural colors of the lights should be.

The sound was done with sound recording different typing sounds in different speeds and then combining them together. One of them was the Shephard's tone, to create the illusion and the other sound was a monotone typing sound.

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