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Perceptual Illusion

The illusion used is called chromatic adaptation. The frames in our gif are covered in colored filters, but our brains are able to gather information about the image as a whole to determine what color we should be seeing despite the actual color being displayed.

Below is an image showing the Bridge with and without a red tint. The top cutout has the tint and the bottom cutout does not. At first they may look the same, but notice how the first half of the top (tinted) cutout appears pink but the red to orange gradient is clearer in the bottom (untinted) cutout. Also, the green section in the top (tinted) cutout appears much darker than the bottom (untinted) cutout. Now look at the same tinted frame with the background to give context. The gradient is very clear and we can still tell that the green part is bright green. This is chromatic adaptation.

The sound is a combination of two sounds: One of them is a monotone typing sound in the same speed, and the other sound is imitating the Shephard's tone, which is an auditory illusion that makes the sound seem like it's always getting faster. 

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