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We had complicated feelings about this project. The gif is of a bridge with different colors;  both because it is lightened and also because of the effects. However, we were really hoping to capture the experience of being on the Bridge with a 3D representation of it (a set of stereoscopic videos to be viewed in Google Cardboard). Our final outcome was not as impressive as what we were aiming to achieve.

Furthermore, we could have added more opacity to the colored filters to enhance the chromatic adaptation effect.

However, we do find our material to be beautiful because it does capture the stunning rainbow lights at night. The looping of the rainbow lights seems endless, which makes our work interesting. In "poeticness" our inner critics are satisfied; we captured something we find beautiful and symbolized the connection between art and technology in both the visual and audio components.

The audio was not as pleasing to the ear as we hoped in the beginning, but it captured the theme well.

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