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This is "The Great Bridge, Rouen" by Camille Pissarro, painted in September 1896. At first glance, I found this to be a really detailed scenery painting focusing on busy industries and social interaction. I really liked the detail on the perspective of buildings, which face in many different directions. After a while I was really drawn in by the painting of the people on the bridge as well. From afar, it looks like what you would expect, but at closer glance, the brush strokes are incredibly simple with some alternation in gestures, but it created such a lively scene that actually convinced me they were people. The closer I looked, the more flat it seemed to me, and I realize a lot of the parts were actually really not detailed, but as a whole created beautiful depth. As I dissolved more into the painting, I saw whats behind the smoke. There is actually a really impressive background with blue sky and a mountain range that its hidden behind the city. So ironically, after looking at the picture for a long time, I saw the lack of detail, but more composition and themes instead. 

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