Beginning and Form

Made by Eric Wang

Created: November 17th, 2014


The first piece I chose to feature is Icarus by Madeon. This song is very unique in that, pretty much the first half of the song is a builds up that makes you wonder what about is about to happen. The first sequence is from 0:00 t0 0:37 where it is a smooth melody without much bass and drum. Then as it approaches 0:37, everything crescendos up and the bass comes in. But this entire next sequence is also a build up using repetition with the background tempo and pitch steady rising until it hits 1:08 where the bass drops and the main melody of the song comes up. Throughout the entire sequence, the music makes you feel anticipating, and it does not fail to deliver afterwards 


Pop song form: Beat Fly - Tiny Danza

0:00 Entrance, smooth guitar solo that sets the tone of the melody.

0:16 First verse, bass and drum beat comes in and dominates. Rap matches the beat very well.

0:45 Chorus, I'd like to note the way the rapper extends his last word to lead into the singer for the chorus. Chorus starts very strong and the melody resurfaces.

1:14 Chorus ends and a brief instrumental bridge connects to the second verse.

1:22 Second verse, Same form and chord as the first verse with similar rhythm structure.

1:50 Third verse, This is one of my favorite part. The melody and form is the same as the first chorus but with different lyrics. It blurs the line between another verse, which technically is, and an extension of the chorus due to the same rhythm. 

1:19 Third chorus, continues right off the third verse as if it was connected.

3:02 Second bridge, repetitive phrases by both the rapper and singer with a drop in tempo.

3:30 Instrumental, tempo rising again and something unique that I haven't noticed from many other songs, a full minute of instrumentals, using the guitar as the focal point that seemed to replaced the singers as another verse.

4:10 Conclusion, tempos slows a lot, with a reverb and down crescendo at the very end