Beginning and Form

Made by Mauricio Cano

Created: November 17th, 2014


As an example of crescendo in the reading, I chose the song Dragon boy from the animated film "Spirited Away." The track starts out slow, but the slowly builds in complexity and volume to reach a climax much louder and with a much higher tempo than the beginning of the track.


I chose taylor swift's "I knew you were trouble." 

The first verse starts at 2:00 and ends at 2:31.

Pre-chorus goes from then until 2:42.

Chorus then goes until 3:20. 

The second verse then goes on until 3:46. 

Pre-chorus starts up again and ends at 3:57.

Chorus goes from then until 4:35. 

Then the bridge comes in and ends at 4:50. 

The chorus then starts again and continues til then end of the song.