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Created: May 1st, 2018



For this project, I decided that I wanted to create my own pencil case that I could keep on my desk in studio. Although I have a lot of supplies, I don’t really have an effective way to store them. Most of the containers that I own are horizontal, and its hard to reach for pens at the bottom of my cases.


Research & Context

Being in a studio surrounded by other design students, I looked around at people’s desks to see how they organized their supplies. Most people who had pens/pencils out on their desk had them in cups, but there was no real way of organizing them.




Aesthetic & Inspiration


Process & Procedure

For this project, I plan on using solely Fusion 360. I plan on using the loft tool in order to make the base of my cup and shape and use the engrave tool for any details I might decided to add. I also plan on using the fillet tool in order to get rid of any sharp edges.


Two Renderings

[Two renderings on complete project styled with finished background, lighting, positioning, reflection]


Five semi-pro photos

[Five semi-professional photos with care given to context, lighting, staging, scene]



I found that I learned a lot through working with Fusion 360 in order to make these projects. I found that I was able to effectively apply what we had learned in class through the demos in order to achieve my goal. I found the most difficulty in choosing which measurements and dimensions I wanted to use, but I ended up using the measurements of my supplies in order to influence my decisions.

I had the most trouble with the time constraints of using the 3D printers, as I had issues with approval and being stuck in the queue. I think that for next time, I will hopefully be able to expedite this process in order to iterate more on the form.

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