Sean - USB\SD Card Holder

Made by sapereir

Created: October 6th, 2018



I have many numerous USB\SD cards for my pictures, my backup files and documents. I have probably lose over 10 of them causing me to lose some old documents and a few pictures of family. I can't afford to lose such important items. This project will serve as a hub to protect them and store them.



I had to research the USB Size and SD Card size, such that it fits perfectly into the slot and provide ease of access. I wanted to keep a simple design, that was presentable and was able to fit the number of USB\SD cards. I added the slant so that it wasn't a very boring and plain object.



My design inspirations came from images from Online that had similar appearances, as the one below. The SD cards and USB were designed to fit in such a way that it accessible and, they wouldn't get stuck.



Just looked up the requirements, made a quick sketch outlining the size of the USB\SD Card. And how they would fit in such a way leaving room for a person to remove them. On Autodesk fusion 360, I sketched of a center point rectangle, and extruded it. Then I added a small rectangle the size of the USB by creating a two-point rectangle and creating a rectangular pattern. Finally I modified the extruded rectangle with Chamfer. Then added another small rectangle the size of the SD card by creating a two-point rectangle and created a rectangular pattern. Finally, I added text. 



My final print for the project came out perfectly, and it will be ideal for its purpose. However, there are few issues that could have been resolved to make it a perfect print. The USB ports printed slightly too big. In addition, supports were made on the name affecting its design. I have removed a few of them, but it should have been justified. Overall I'm satisfied with the final product. 

I have attached the final PowerPoint link:  USB.pptx

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