62-150 B - Introduction to Mediascapes: 2D to 3D Spatial Environments

Fall 2018 · 3 members


Taught by Nina Barbuto

Section B will focus on Mediascapes in respect to 2D to 3D Spatial Environments. Students will be asked to actively participate as they discuss, analyze, define, and apply theory to their projects. They will also be asked to investigate precedent and existing experiences to remix and make new. Imagination, speculation, and 360-degree awareness are key components of this class. Over the course, students will work on projects that build upon their knowledge to showcase their intentions and creativity within and reacting to a variety of contexts. Students with a diverse range of skills and interested are encouraged to apply. This is a project-based class with a focus on experimentations, hands-on learning, reflection, and documentation.

Learning objectives:

Gain an introductory understanding of New Media Theory
Exploration of space manipulation and definition
Build 3D communication skills in terms of architecture and design
Develop critique methods, constructive criticism, and critical thinking skills
Practice their Design process
Grow knowledge of precedent projects, artists, technologists, and collectives through research and presentation
Practice Inquiry Skills
Develop analysis skills for 2D and 3D contexts
Application of visualization, ideation, and speculative design
Grow documentation and reflection skills
How to publish process and projects

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