48-528 - Responsive Mobile Environments

Spring 2018 · 12 members · Course site


The theme for 2018 will be the exploration of human memory and how digital and connected technology can support, augment, enhance, effect and alter the ways in which we remember, recount and reflect on your experiences.

Learn more at the course site: http://rme2018.daraghbyrne.me

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  • Future Memory

    2 projects · 5 members

    It’s 2045. A retrospective on the Memory Technology is being prepared for the centenary celebrations of Vannevar Bush’s As We May Think. Design an retrospective of future memory technologies.

  • Hybrid Memorial

    2 projects · 4 members

    Taking cues from Memorials for the Future and the Final Cut, design a hybrid space to act as a site of memorial in a 10 year horizon. The monument should be a site of memorial for of an individual ...more