60-125 Intro to 3D Animation (Spring 2015)

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This mini on introductory animation is designed to explore the wonderful world of computer animation from initial concept to final production. In a mixture of class discussions, training workshops, and guest lectures from industry experts, students will become acquainted with the necessary skills needed to create their own characters and animations. Both artistic and technical elements within animation production will be covered, and workshops will help to delve into more specific elements within a topic. Some specific topics include modeling, rigging, character/object animation, texturing, and rendering. By completion of the course, students will understand how to use Maya - the software used by many industry professionals - and be capable of taking on more advanced courses related to animation, vfx, and video games in the future.

Spring 2015 instructor: Spencer Diaz

Spring 2015 course website: cmuanimation.weebly.com

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