80-292 A3 Learning Science Principles (Spring 2015)

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The ability to learn - that is, to change and adapt to one's environment - is one of the hallmarks of intelligence, whether in humans, animals, or machines. In this course, we will examine the nature, components, and significance of learning in many different manifestations, with a particular focus on the fundamental concepts that underlie the ways in which we understand "learning" in different disciplines. This course will principally focus on different conceptualizations of learning, rather than its technical aspects, whether mathematical, experimental, or computational.

This course will be almost entirely project-based: you will work in groups (with students from different backgrounds) to identify opportunities for learning using and within media, and then develop designs that appropriately address those opportunities. In the course of developing these media designs, you will have to learn, and come to understand, concepts and principles of learning from different disciplines. The emphasis throughout will be on careful onceptualization, description, and design of the learning through and about media.

Spring 2015 instructor: David Danks

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