1Q84 Recording

Made by Eunice Oh

Created: November 17th, 2014



I wanted to create a sense of mystery and curiosity in this piece so I tried to choose sounds that reflected that mood. My voice recording was very quiet so I raised the volume quite a bit so that it could be heard over the loops that were added in later. I did not try to change the recording as much as I was afraid it would alter it too much and create undesired distortions. The loops were still quite loud and it would have been helpful to reduce its volume a bit more. 


I used a continuous loop for the majority of the song to keep it consistent during the recording. I put in some deep bass loops to reflect the ominous atmosphere at some parts of the excerpt. Also, small patches of distorted noises were added into this part of the excerpt to add to the mysterious and tense mood. 


I attempted to add in rhythmic variety to the composition by inserting loops following differing beats. It created some sort of discontinuity that aided in the overall tone of the piece. I was trying to reflect the disorientation the character feels throughout his time in this deserted town. 


I decided that it was best to place loops to match certain parts of the excerpt and transition them in the right places. I wanted to make this like a story or a film to adjust the music to where the story was at that specific point.