airpods holder

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dont lose your airpods again!

Created: October 16th, 2018



for the final project, i have created a airpods holder to solve the issue of how easy it is to lose them. some of the goals were to create an object that is portable and could be used in any setting. currently, there is no product that tackles this specific issue on the market. the airpods do come in a case, but the portable cases themselves are small in size, and people tend not to put away their airpods in the case every time they take them off of their ears. 



small details like the finger imprints on the grip were influenced by the concept of ergonomics

renders of expected product



the process was divided into three parts: making a cad file using fusion 360, 3d printing, and laser cutting.



version 1:


version 2:

iteration of both parts - 3d printed and laser cut

fixed dimensions for the airpods case to slide in more easily

grip adjusted for more comfort in holding 


final product in use


final notes

the project was an applicattion of all topics covered in the mini course. in the inception of this project, i was able to design with the fabrication/making process in mind, making sure everything could be done in the CAD software and with the fabrication tools available through the school. some unexpected challenges came from the lack of technical drawings of the airpods case itself, but i was able to overcome that obstacle through troubleshooting. if i have the opportunity to improve this project, I would make it so that it is easier to carry this object in one’s pocket. perhaps i would get rid of the sharp edges, etc. 

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dont lose your airpods again!