Alice and the Mouse

Made by Naomi Sternstein

Created: November 17th, 2014


In creating this sound, I tried to connect what was happening in each section of the reading, and the mood of the section, to the amount and level of action and sound that I looped. In this reading, Alice is noticing that she is in a strange and alternate world, where different things are possible. I tried to create that sense in the beginning, the sense of entering an alternate world where things are a little curious and dreamlike. 

There are sections when Alice seems to get lost in her own thoughts drift off a bit, so I tried to have the sound drift off during these parts. When she is conversing with the mouse and having more of a concrete connection to the world around her, or getting excited, I added in  more sound and action.

Voice Processing

      I decided to use the farther recording, since it had a cleaner sound to begin with. In the farther recording I had to eliminate the sound of the air conditioner in the background that was drowning out the voice. I did this with the noise removal effect on audacity by removing the noise from a section without speaking and then applying that to the rest of the audio.


       I slowly added certain loops into the beginning of the song to create a certain curious and eerie mood, and then had all but one exit for a quieter section of the sound. I looped the water sound effect for a majority of the sound to create the parallel between a dream and the reading (in which Alice is swimming around with water). I then layered a faster loop continuously upon itself to build more action.


       I began the sound with one subtle loop and slowly built up the sound and incorporating more action and loops. I also tried to peak the interest of the listener with the beginning through the way in which the book describes. The beginning loop that I selected is a bit suspenseful and sets up whats at stake with the rest of the sound in order to keep one listening.