project 2 amy

Made by Amy Lin

Created: October 9th, 2017



Before this project, I kept my jewelry in a pile on my dresser. Sometimes I would accidentally knock things off to my floor, and would lose an earring. I wanted to create something that would hold my jewelry. Below are pictures of my scattered jewelry, and a picture of a jewelry dish I found on pinterest.


Below is a picture of a picture on pinterest I based my jewelry dish off of. 



I wanted to create a small dish to hold my jewelry so that it is contained. I wanted the dish to be geometric so it would be more interesting than a plain circle dish. In the center I wanted something that could hold my rings so that I could stack it. 



I made my dish in fusion 360. I made a hexagon shape, extruded it and then made a shell. I then made a small hexagon tower in the center of the dish. I wanted to create a shallow dish so that it was easy to get access into the holder, but still tall enough to keep the contents contained. I originally was thinking of a more rounded bowl shape, but I choose to keep it very angular so it would not have to be printed with supports. I sent the STL file to the NVBots 3D printer with 5% infill. The jewelry dish took around 2 hours to print.



I 3D printed a jewelry dish with a ring holder in the middle. It is 4 x 4 x 0.5 inches. Below are some pictures of my final project!



I think this project was a lot easier to navigate fusion 360 after learning from our first project. I didn't struggle as much in this project than in my last project . However one thing that I didn't account for was the printing time of this project. Compared to laser cutting, 3D printing takes a lot of time. I really liked how you could submit a file remotely and pick up when finished. I am happy with my project because it is something I actually needed and it makes my life a lot easier! 

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