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Created: September 23rd, 2019


  The goal of the project is to spatially activate the backyard of the house using projected shadows to replicate the effect of the sun through the trees.  This way the inhabitants can experience the garden as they would in the daytime when they are most likely not home.

In order to create the projection we use several inputs: sensors to measure the amount of daylight received throughout the day, date/time/location information to calculate proper shadow angles, and a 3D model of the garden's plantlife to reconstruct the shadows.

Assuming that the inhabitants of the home (in which our project is going to be) are working over the course of the day, the daylight that the plants will filter won’t be seen. By way of inaccessibility, the light from the garden is ‘invisible’. However, by reconstructing the mechanics of that system digitally, that information won’t be lost.

Time is made into something that can be controlled by the use of a dial.  Similar to the Microsoft Surface Dial, the dial itself is not attached but can interact with screens. Information is manifested in the backyard through a  projected image that maps the digital reconstruction of daylight onto reality.

Depending on the specific lighting of that particular day, the projection of the shadow will also change: days with strong sunlight will have crisp shadows, overcast days will be projected with muted light and blurred shadows.

Dial Interface
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