Made by Amber Jones

Created: November 17th, 2014


EXAMPLE FROM TEXT, ON BEGINNINGS: Berman plays Beethoven - Piano Sonata in E flat major Op. 31 No. 3: First Movement [Part 1/4] 

The starting gesture used in this piece is unresolved harmony. From the beginning of the piece until 0:32, when the pianist continues to play in a major key afterwards, the pianist switches between major and minor chords - 

0:00-0:09 is major

0:09--0:14 is unresolved

0:15-0:24 is major

0:24-0:32 is unresolved. 


POP SONG: Usher - U Don't Have To Call (nehzuil remix) 

The introduction is from 0:00-0:44. This part is distinct from the rest of the song because it only features an acapella+one percussive effect. The 'beat drops' strictly at 0:44, where the rest of the instruments come in as well. 

At 0:44-1:02 is the chorus of the song. 

The second verse is from 1:03-1:44 , which varies slightly from the first verse and the chorus, and acts as a transition between the first verse and the chorus. Afterwards, the chorus is played again. 

At 2:07 is the bridge of the song, which then (for the remainder of the song) is played as the chorus comes in/out of the song.