Body and Motion(Pending)

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We would like to explore the effect of spontaneity and randomness, and what effects that will bring to us.

Created: November 13th, 2017

62150 body and motion project
Xinran Yuan -

Team Name: Pending

The goal of the project is to explore spontaneity and randomness, and the effect that it will bring to the performers and the audience. So we decided to do a dance performance that is created alive. We use a spinner to decide which song we are going to dance to and which movements we are going to do. 

At first, we wanted to use a dice instead of a spinner. However, we wanted to make "the process of choosing" a part of the performance. It is hard for the audience to see the dice so we chose to use the online spinner instead. 

We are also welcoming any audience to dance with us. 

Firstly, we use the spinner to choose a song we are going to play.(20 songs to choose from)
Songs (D20):

  1. My Heart Will Go On (Recorder cover by Matt Mulholland)

  2. We Are Number One

  3. Gangnam Style

  4. Cha-Cha Slide

  5. Macarena

  6. Cotton-Eye Joe

  7. Super Mario 64 Slide Song

  8. Sea Shanty 2 (From Runescape)

  9. Wii Shop Bling

  10. What’s Going On (He Man)

  11. Running in the 90’s

  12. Macintosh Plus 420 (Vaporwave song)

  13. Roundabout

  14. Dragosta Din Tei (Numa Numa song)

  15. Shooting Stars

  16. Sandstorm

  17. Tunak Tunak

  18. Spooky Scary Skeletons

  19. Taking the Hobbits to Isengard


    All Star

Then DJ then turns the spinner several times. The spinner has the movements written on it and will determine which movement the performers are going to do. There are 10 dance movements to choose from:

Movements (D10)


 Shuffle ( @ 0:54

Criss Cross Legs

Cotton-eye Joe Spin

Clap, clap, clap, clap yo hands

Gangam Style



Numa Numa

Slap slap slap clap clap clap

There will be one DJ&Dice roller and 5 dancers. For the wearables, the DJ will wear like a DJ(cool glasses and a cloak). The performers can wear whatever they like to bring more "randomness" to the performance. 

The goal of the performance is to see both the reactions of the performers and the audience to "spontaneity" and "randomness". 


Are the performers able to do the dance movements well and make them fit the rhythm of the randomly selected songs?

How is it different from a normal dance performance?

To the audience, which is better: a normal dance performance or this kind of performance? How are they different? Do you feel comfortable joining the dancers?


The performance is good in general. It is very entertaining since sometimes the spinner kept giving the same results and the dancers kept doing the same movements. However, the performers found some difficulty in switching between the dance movements. Few audience participated but not a



is much different from doing a normal performance since the performers don't know which song they are going to dance to and which movements to do. It requires that the performers should pay more attention and do few adjustments according to the rhythm of the song. However, it is still a fun thing to experience. The audience laughed a lot (which means that the performance was quite engaging).

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We would like to explore the effect of spontaneity and randomness, and what effects that will bring to us.