BTS- Blood Sweat & Tears

Made by klxia

reimagine a song as a 3D object

Created: October 17th, 2016



Write about the big ideas behind your project? What are the goals? Why did you make it? What are your motivations?

I was drawn by the steady backing beat and disjointed motif in the chorus, as well as the "fuzziness" of the electronic sounds and tried to convey this in the object. The goal was to make something inspired by the song that could hopefully be recognized as the song. The song is the first to jump to mind.



What was the final representation. What did you create? What is it composed with (materials, shapes, forms)? Describe the textures, colors, etc.

I created a 3D printed object roughly derived from a square. I wanted it to have sharp edges to represent the sharp, synthetic beats of the song. As it's 3D printed, it's composed of grey plastic in many small layers. Intertwined black and red wire snakes around the composition.



How did you approach the assignment and re-creation of the work in a physical medium? Cite examples that informed your approach

One of the reasons I chose to 3D print was that the way 3D printing works, with layers, creates an oddly mechanical rough surface. It's very deliberately textured, in the way these synthetic sounds are. I did not have many prior examples, but I have 3D printed things before and those experiences informed my decision. I added the wire when I thought the piece was a lot less busy than the music is. I also listened to the song on repeat while creating the object in Blender, per Almeda's suggestion.



Do you think you captured the content and aesthetics of the audio accurately? Is it recognizable as the original sound? What did you learn? What would you do differently?

When I look at my creation, I feel that it has similarities to the audio. However, I would not say that it is instantly recognizable. I learned a lot about using blender, something I haven't done in a while. I went through a couple iterations of this object, many of which looked very different (see below), but they ultimately were too difficult to print. I think the smoothness of the wire nicely offsets the texture of the printed piece. It's a great contrast, in my opinion: smooth and curved over sharp and textured. Perhaps I could put something additional around this composition to represent the peripheral sounds around the strong synthesized sounds.

Blood, Sweat & Tears - BTS WINGS (AUDIO)
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reimagine a song as a 3D object