Bunny Friends Clock

Made by Daphne Lee

To create a unique and aesthetic clock using laser cutting functions as well as Fusion 360 and Illustrator.

Created: April 14th, 2018



Write about the big ideas behind your project? What are the goals? Why did you make it? What are your motivations?

My goal was to create a clock I found cute and aesthetic. I wanted to make a clock that I could proudly put up in my new apartment next year with my two other close friends. Since our friend group is a group of 6 people total, I not only wanted to create a clock dedicated to them but also one that showed my style and unique design. 


Research & Context

[How does your outcome relate to other work in the field? What makes it similar or different to other objects of the same genre? How have other objects failed to solve the problem you have identified?]

I started my research looking for both wood and acrylic clock designs. I tried to first get inspiration for my clock through various methods (looking up cute artwork, using friends as references, using my interests and hobbies). I wanted to create a design that would suit both my friends’ tastes and my taste so spent a lot of time just trying to find aesthetic inspirations. I have found clocks that incorporated either the moon or the bunnies but not one that have incorporated both so I think it would be interesting to create.



[Include sketch with as much details as possible, like: approximate dimensions, materials, layers, textures, colors, and aesthetic influences.]