Bunsen Burner

Made by Kai Kuehner

Physical work based on "Bunsen Burner" from the Ex Machina OST

Created: October 17th, 2016




I chose the song "Bunsen Burner" from the Ex Machina OST, composed by CUTS, particularly the part from 1:16 to 1:26.



I created a paper sculpture composed of 4 paper tubes glued together. Each has a curved line on it which goes up and down 4 times each. The lines are colored light blue, then green, then dark purple, then dark purple again. There are also thumbtacks stuck through the tubes at random points.



The song has a repeating melody with 4 sections of 4 notes each. The notes are in a pattern of high-low-high-low, and the sections go high-medium-low-low. This is what I tried to represent with the marker lines, which go up-down-up-down and get darker towards the bottom of the piece. The song has a round sound, which I depicted with the circular paper tubes. There is also a static-like noise track in the background with little order to it, which I used the thumbtacks to represent. I was inspired by the works we viewed in class, as well as the materials I had on hand (I first thought of rolling paper into tubes, then found a song I thought fit well) and sine waves (which I drew to represent the main melody).



I think I did a good job capturing the major components of the music. The lines are easily recognizable as the main melody and the tubes could reasonably be connected to the "roundness" of the song. The thumbtacks are my least favorite part, and if I redid this I would probably remove them and use sandpaper instead of regular paper, since that is much closer to the static noise in the background of the melody.


(the image is sideways sorry, the right hand side should be the bottom)

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Physical work based on "Bunsen Burner" from the Ex Machina OST