Bye Bye Beautiful

Made by Amal Sahay

Created: November 17th, 2014


The song spends the first 30 seconds or so on an instrumental opening to the song, which sets up the pace of the song as well as the feel. This is mimicked in the band, as for the first minute, the video uses an all female composition rather than the members of the actual band. There is also a clear separation of the music by the two voices, male and female, that run through the song. The male's voice is used for the more dramatic chorus whereas the female voice is used for the story of the song.

The first 20 seconds features a softer instrumental opening. The guitar joins in at 20 seconds, and the actual introduction goes on slightly longer. The female vocals (the story) start at 30 seconds - the same melodic pattern is repeated per verse. At one minute (when the band switches to their actual composition) the male vocals begin for the chorus (as well as the drama of the story). There is yet another musical interlude at 1:35 which bridges the gap from chorus to verse. The verse is again taken up by Anette until the chorus begins again by 2:18. The interlude between this second chorus is different, as Tuomas takes up a longer section to extend the drama before passing verse back at 3:20. The final chorus comes in shortly after, and then the song closes with a dramatic crescendo as the words Bye Bye Beautiful are repeated before the final shout - and then the song ends.