Pokemon @ CMU

Made by Mingquan Chen

To see how will imaginary characters can involve in our daily lives.

Created: October 12th, 2015



To be honest I was quite confused at the beginning, since I did not know what to produce, especially when I am asked to use appropriation to produce commercial art. It is really hard for me since I did not know which to appropriate. Even at the time I started doing this project, I was not sure why I created this project. The beginning thought was just presenting my imaginary Pokemon world to people and blending Pokemon into real world. But along with the creation, I found some more about it. I kept questioning why I put those characters into the real world. Should there be a line between imagination and reality? I found that is a good question to me, and I tried to find it out through my projects.



I was not totally sure what inspired me of doing this artwork. The first reason may sound ridiculous. When I went to class this morning, I saw some of the leaves turn red. Together with the sunshine, that scenery was deeply carved in my mind. It was like the background of an anime, and I just automatically put pokemons into that scenery(the action is done in my mind). I bring something that does not belong to this real world to here. It is just like a simple collage of pictures. 

However, after creating two pictures, I found Pokemon is a great material. Most people of my age played or watched Pokemon games/animes. It is an inseparable part of my life. I am not sure how many people have had the dream of owning Pokemons. At least I had. I put them in my project, make them alive, and show them to others. I think it will cause empathy to others.



Before this idea came up, I had some other ideas, for example, making a new anime character. However, I don't know how to create my own character through appropriation. Then I had this idea, which combines imaginary things and reality together. I took photos in the campus and imagined where could be good places to "make" Pokemons show up. The process of creating is not very difficult, but the process of generating an idea was very hard. 

Also, in my room I have a collage of words sticking on the wall.

Collage of Words
Img 8751.jpg.thumb Mingquan Chen (2015)

I treat this as a kind of art, and I think I can use it in my ways, so I produced a picture as the cover of my project.

Topic.thumb Mingquan Chen


I combined photos I took in the campus with Pokemons found online to make a combination. Mainly I use adobe photoshop to do everything and make my final products. (More on the way of producing)



When I began this project, my inner critique said "NO! Stop! You don't even know why you create it! " But I just did it, because I needed to finish it as my homework (truth..) However, while I was doing my project, I generated new thoughts about the project, and new ways to show my project. My original work was so bad, because the artist (me) didn't know why I created it. (I'm not Pollock anyway) After I found the meaning of my project, I was much more satisfied by more work. There are still drawbacks though. For example, the combination of Pokemon and real life pictures seem like pictures after photoshop edited (they are, but I want to make them seem as real as possible). Also, if I have more time, I could draw some myself so that they have the poses I want.



I would definitely think of my project deeply before I really do something. It is true that I learnt a lot from the process, but if I think more about my intention more at the beginning, I might generate more for this project. Also, keep asking people how my project looks like and what ideas they may have is definitely needed. 

About this project, I will say it is not definitely wrong to put imagination figures into reality. I feel comfortable from my pictures, and it creates a wonderful atmosphere of how people and Pokemon live together. It is my childhood dream though. As a pop art, Pokemon makes people have good imagination, and that is why I like it.

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To see how will imaginary characters can involve in our daily lives.