Chinese Room Argument + Music

Made by Amber Jones

Created: November 17th, 2014



The piece of text that I used was originally written by American philosopher, John Searle, who proposed an argument against artificial intelligence. Because this subject pertains to robots, I wanted to transform my voice, which is from the prospective of Searle, to sound like a robot itself. My background music was inspired by something that would possibly emerge out of a battle scene in a sci-fi film. 


To transform my voice into a robot, I first had to speed my voice up several times using the 'Time Flex' (slicing) option. In addition to that I used a plug-in titled 'vocal transformer' and checked the 'robotize' option, where I changed the Pitch and format of my voice, and at what rate it would automate the varying pitches of my voice. 


Beginning - The beginning of my piece consists of the beat/melody fading into the song. 

Form - I chose to make my piece in binary form. The beginning of the piece (from 0:00-0:20 consists of only an instrumental), the rest of the piece (the second part) consists of the voice+music