Made by Mauricio Cano

Created: November 24th, 2014


The logic file:

The instrument is made out of the voices of a singing christmas choir. I hoped to blend that with a little christmas tune to make a holidays track. The sounds of the chorus, I think, are critical in creating the track's holiday's atmosphere and mood since choruses, bells and jingles are what our schemas have us think about. For the actual playing of the sampling instrument, I just chose a sequence a repeated it a few times. Then, chose a new sequence. I tried to spark the listeners interest in the song by incorporating some of the foreground/background elements from the belkin reading (with the little jingle the back falling behind the voices of the choir). I also tried to change up the rhythm and avoided repeating too often to keep the listener from getting bored. I was careful to not make the changes in rhythm and mood to pronounced as to avoid "incoherence" and encourage a sense of "narrative continuity as explained in the satisfactory music flow section of the reading.