Circle Loom Knitting

Made by jtimczyk

Created: October 5th, 2018



For this project I wanted to further explore knitting with a circle loom because I have never done so before and hadn't had a chance to try it during class.,



For my project I wanted to try to use a couple of different sizes of circle looms to see what they would create. From using different sizes, I found that each one could be used to create different wearable objects, for example making socks with the smallest, a scarf with the slightly larger one. From these different sizes I think I could eventually create a turtle neck sweater and worked slightly towards it as I began to get better at making tighter knots. I really liked the idea of the different parts changing colors so I researched how to change yarn while still on one of the looms and did so while creating one of the arms of a sweater. I found it hard to figure out how to end the pieces or connect them to each other to create the sweater, and I thus left some on the looms to figure out with more research. 



In the end I ended up creating a scarf, that could eventually be turned into the tech of a sweater if I wanted to and a few other pieces, one potentially being either a leg warmer or sleeve of the scarf if I  were to pursue that further. I'm very happy especially with how the scarf turned out and am excited to use it in the winter. I used different size circle looms, as pictured, and created them by stacking loops on the pegs of the circle loom and pulling them over each other, eventually creating the knit. 



I really liked doing this project because it allowed me to create something that I can actually use later and as well learn a new skill. If I were to do this again I would choose a thicker yarn that would make knit thicker especially for the scarf so that there weren't so many gaps between the knots. 


Sample Book

Bellow are some of my samples from my book!