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Build a clock

Created: October 25th, 2017



To make a clock reminiscent of a shield from a video game. It would be hung above my desk to inform me of the time. 



I play league pretty regularly, and my favorite character has a large iconic shield. I decided that I really wanted to capture my passion in playing and project that onto this clock. There are many other types of clocks out there, and I wanted this to be functional and cool. A precedent project to this, was building a laptop stand.


Process + Procedure

First I got pictures of the shield printed out and began my own sketch of the shield. I couldn't follow it exactly because of how complex it was, so I went for a more simplified version. 

Next, I began modeling it in Autodesk Fusion making various layers, and specifying all the different bodies I would need to have present. I had to go through many iterations as I clarified my sketch into something that the laser cutter can actually cut as well as something that still resembled the shield, there were also many issues of conflicting faces that I had to resolve. 

Third I assembled the materials I would use, different colors of acrylic: White, Red, and Clear and decided which bodies would be what colors. 

Finally, I sepperated my bodies into layers by material and began cutting the pieces and assembling them with acrylic glue. 



The product was modeled in Autodesk Fusion, adapted in Inkscape, sent to the laser cutter using sendry, and finally the cut orders were finalized using the onhand laser software. 

After cutting I assembled the pieces using acrylic glue and let them dry before putting in batteries and testing the clock out. I hung the clock using two command hooks on either side of the top diamond. 

I took semi-professional photos shown below using the IDEATE setup in hunt to share my work with everyone else.



I really enjoyed being able to model something and see it come forth, I thought that was really rewarding. Something I would do differently is try a CNC router to get more depth and to get champer edges for the shield. Further, I really wanted to use wood inlays but they ran out of 2x2 wood on the day I was cutting my clock. 


Collaboration or Attribution

Professor Larson helped my plan and fix my design, and Walter gave me moral support when cutting my clock. 


Include process photos and files in your portfolio too.

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Build a clock