Clock Project - Baker

Made by philipba

Created: September 27th, 2017



My intent is to make an abstract wall clock. Below are some sketches of what I am thinking of currently. 



I thought of this idea while looking at my grandfather's art. I really enjoy some of his abstract pieces, and thought that I would also enjoy using some of the themes he used in my clock.



I designed the clock in Fusion 360. Throughout the process I made several changes to the design, and ultimately decided on mirroring the blocks so that all four quadrants are the same, but have been rotated. 



I cut a base layer and also each of the blocks to be placed on top of the base layer. I stained the base layer to create a contrast between this layer and the other layer. Then, I glued some of the blocks onto the base to create a pattern that I found visually appealing. Then I assembled the clock component and completed the clock.