Clock Project

Made by Olivia Xu

Created: October 12th, 2017



I thought twelve floating stars in space would be an interesting metaphor for a clock. I would like to make a cosmos themed clock with a black hole as the center and stars as the indicators.

Below is my initial sketch.



The colorfulness of galactic photos makes the galaxy a great inspiration for dreamy, unworldly creations. Below is my inspiration. 



I first created a model in Fusion360 according to my sketch. In the process of creating the model I've decided that the black hole should have 12 spikes to match up with the 12 hours; and the 12 o'clock star should be scored to indicate the orientation of the clock.

Below is my updated sketch, Fusion screenshot, and my clock face and inlay laser cutted and painted with acrylics and colourpop eyeshadow (for the glitter).



Software: Fusion360 for modeling, Laser Cutting software

Website: to send file

Tools: Laser Cutter, Hot Glue Gun

The clock turned out as expected. At first the circle at the center of the inlay was too small for the clock kit, so I did another one. In terms of "fitting" the inlay, I did not scale it up, so it was a little small for a snap fit. I used hot glue to glue its back with the clock face, since I don't need a strong glue for inlays. 



The biggest issue I had in the process was having to cut another piece of inlay because I didn't measure the clock kit well enough in the first place. From this I learned to pay more attention to details such as this, even for a clock face that doesn't need much precision.


Collaboration or Attribution

My instructor helped me with Fusion360, and gave me advice on how to assemble my inlay.

I looked online for pictures of the galaxy to get a general idea for the color scheme.

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