Color of sound, philips hue

Made by Che-Yuan Liang

Extract the color of the sound from album cover or music video.

Created: December 12th, 2015



Light designer use the color to decorate the song, to create the ambient atmosphere for the music video, live stage, or album cover. The Philips Hue makes heavy stage light into the home, but few app determine the color template automatically. Is internet searching the feasible solution?



A program that extract the color from album or music video and remote the light bulb with API. Color Extracted from the album cover. Origin album cover



Searching the music video and or the album cover, extracting the pixels frame by frame to the colorspace, then do the clustering to find out the centroid of the color. The color of the sound are now extracted like human decision.

Modulating the brightness of the bulb to the long-term envelope of the music to make the bulbs breath, adding little pulse spike to the dynamic of music. 

Due to the random initialization of K-mean clustering, the result is a non-deterministic visualization.



The ambient that the light bulb create in the dark room is great, especially with successful extracted color. I would probability keep developing this prototype. So far, because of the color response of the light bulb, the extracted color could not perfectly rendered. The latency is also an issue for intense request. Fortunately from my personal experience, I like the see bulb breathing with subtle brightness change in the dark room, which won make me feel dizzy, and make the room alive. Using more music information retrieval technique would might make the visualization more robust. Remapping the color to remove too might white and fitting the color response of the bulb are also the priority take.

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Extract the color of the sound from album cover or music video.