An space which mimics the childhood intimacy observed through cup and string conversations.


Cups and Strings (Title subject to change) is a public installation which mimics the emotional interaction that can be experienced when children play with a cup and string telephone. Materiality, physicality and atmosphere play a great role in how comfortable a person feels during an interaction. 


The installation will be taking the form of a confession room, with two 5x3 rooms separated by semi-transparent vellum paper. The  sheets of vellum will have been adorned by reflective paint to create a three-dimensional illustration between each room. Users sit on a stool in front of a microphone, and put on a set of headphones. The warm colored animation, coming from a double projector setup, reacts to the conversation between each side's user by illuminating certain areas of reflective paint on the vellum. The audio input thus prompts conversation between two strangers, physically invisible to each other, hopefully creating a sense of intimacy and trust. 


Mood Board


Bill of Materials

*** ¾” AC Plywood: $43 / sheet (quoted from School of Architecture Digital Fabrication Lab)

 8 sheets = $344

*** Richland Textiles Cotton Broadcloth Black Fabric By The Yard (5 yards)

$3.98/yard x 5 yards = $19.90

*** WennoW 203pcs Tarp Tent Eyelet Repair Kit: 1/2" Grommets w. Installation Tools


*** Forever Yung 300Pcs Black Nylon Cable Zip Ties Self Locking 2.5mm x 4"


*** ALZO Nylon Silk Diffusion Fabric White, 60 Inches Wide, by the Yard (16 yards / 48 ft. --- 6 layers of 8’ long fabric)

$8.77 / yard x 16 yards = $140.32

*** 2 Headphones (available through Ideate/campus)

*** 2 Microphones (available through Ideate/campus)

*** 2 projectors (available through Ideate/campus)

*** Wires and sensors (available through Ideate/campus) 

*** Hardware (L-brackets, screws, etc): approx. $75

TOTAL: $672.66

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Focused on

An space which mimics the childhood intimacy observed through cup and string conversations.