Countdown Cubes

Made by jhjenkin, queenien2000, ankitaa and timothyberryjr

Created: February 3rd, 2015



The countdown cubes enable couples to give meaningful gifts to each other, across long distances, at the touch of a finger. While they are together, they can fill their counterparts box with an array of gifts and then lock them away. When they are separated, gift messages can be sent from one box to the other. The availability of the gift is displayed via a breathing blue LED. Upon seeing the blue LED, the user can acknowledge his or her presence and the compartment will be opened automatically.  

int ledPin = D1; //"You've got mail" LED
int sendPin = A0; //Send gift
int presPin = A1; //Presence sensor
int presThresh = 1000; //Presence sensor threshold
int sendThresh = 1000; //Send sensor threshold

bool mailIntrpt = false; //Got mail interrupt
bool presIntrpt = false; //Is present interrupt

int brightness = 0; //Stuff for fading LED
int fadeAmount = 5; //Stuff for fading LED

int servoPin = A7; //Servo pin
Servo myServo; //Servo name

int presRead = 0; //Initialize presence reading
int sendRead = 0; //Initialize send reading

void setup() {
  pinMode (ledPin, OUTPUT); //Pin Modes
  pinMode (sendPin, INPUT);
  pinMode (presPin, INPUT);
  pinMode (servoPin, OUTPUT);
  myServo.attach(servoPin);  //Attach servo motor to appropriate pin
  Spark.subscribe("askjdfhkas1", gotMail); //Did I get mail?
  Spark.variable("Presence", &presRead, INT); //Check if presence sensor is working
  Spark.variable("Send", &sendRead, INT); //Check if send sensor is working

void loop() {
  myServo.write(10); //Start servo motor at 0 position

  //SEND GIFT code
  sendRead = analogRead(sendPin); //Read send pin input
  if (sendRead > sendThresh) //If send button is pressed,
    sendMail(); //Send notification
  else if (sendRead <= sendThresh) //If send button is not pressed, do nothing

  presRead = analogRead (presPin); //Read presence pin input
  if (presRead > presThresh) //If presence read shows that I am present
    presIntrpt = true; //Change my presence status
  else if (presRead <= presThresh) //If presence read shows that I am NOT present
    presIntrpt = false; //Keep my presence status false

  if (mailIntrpt == true) //If I have recieved mail
     analogWrite(ledPin, brightness); //Fade LED (source:
     brightness = brightness + fadeAmount;
     if (brightness == 0 || brightness == 255) {
       fadeAmount = -fadeAmount ;

    if (presIntrpt == true) // If I am present
      digitalWrite(ledPin, LOW); //Turn indicator LED off
      myServo.write(170); //Open door
      delay(10000); //Wait
      myServo.write(0); //Close door
      presIntrpt = true; //Reset presence input
      mailIntrpt = true; //Reset message input
      //Ready for new message
    else if (presIntrpt == false) //If I am not present, do nothing
  else if (mailIntrpt == false) //If I don't have a gift message,
    digitalWrite(ledPin,LOW); //Turn indicator LED off


void sendMail() //If send button is pressed
  Spark.publish("askjdfhkas2"); //Publish to other Spark core

void gotMail(const char *event, const char *data) //If a message is recieved from other Spark
  mailIntrpt = true; //Change my message inbox status to true
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