If the product detects any kind of flirtatious email traffic, it will make ghost noises in the middle of the night.

Created: February 15th, 2016

IoT Assignment 4
Ruolan - https://vimeo.com/155474196

Product Description

This project is inspired by our last assignment that required us to design a connecting product for long distance relationship couples.

In our concept, the product is a handmade Valentine’s Day gift from the boyfriend. It has to be linked with the girlfriend’s email address and password, so it can detect any kind of flirtatious email traffic (such as “love” “xoxo” and so on) that comes from other males that are not associated with the boyfriend. The doll will alert the boyfriend by forwarding such messages to his email. Upon receiving such adulterous messages, the boyfriend can decide whether the doll will transform into an evil being while simultaneously making ghost noises between extreme hours of darkness.


Product Recommendation

“A new study from IoTC members August Smart Lock, GK Digital Media, Green wave Systems and NXP Semiconductors revealed nearly 65 percent of American consumers said they are moderately or extremely interested in adopting an IoT solution, but 66 percent said they have privacy concerns.”

In our project demonstration, we can see it is the boyfriend’s intention to conceal how the product works to the girlfriend. The video is a great warning to those love birds that share privacy information. Sharing this information is not a smart decision to make because unethical partners can utilize such methods to use psychological means to control you. From the product’s perspective, it should also give warning signals during the product set up stage to make sure the user knows the danger of sharing personal information.




1) We brainstormed for 10 different ideas during class.

2) Before the weekend, we have already designed the prototype with plastic and have written the backstory.

3) During the weekend, we finished writing documentations, storyboards, and started to record the video for the project.

4) After final editing of the video, we changed some documentation words, so the project will be complete.



The video can perfectly explain our concept. The product is cute and appealing for females and it will help the boyfriend watch the girlfriend’s behavior that could prevent affairs in the relationship. However, the product should not be used because it will psychologically affect the person. We believe relationship should be built on trust and love rather than suspicion.

In this project, we work happily together, because we bring different skills to the project, and we all work collectively to make the project better.

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If the product detects any kind of flirtatious email traffic, it will make ghost noises in the middle of the night.