Cuisinte: Smart Stove

Made by gracielg · UNLISTED (SHOWN IN POOLS)

Cuisinte will have an LED light up to make you aware that you have nothing on the stovetop but left it on.

Created: January 25th, 2018


Problem Statement 

Often times women in my sorority forget to fully turn off the stove after putting their pots away. Fortunately, this problem hasn’t escalated but it would be helpful if we got alerts telling us if the stove doesn’t have a pot on it but is still on. 



My solution will detect if there is nothing on the stove and if the stove is still on. If this is the case, then it will send an email letting alerting us. Although, ideally the stove would turn off by itself; for now it at least raises awareness of the problem. 



1. StoveTec

a. Someone close to me was in a fire accident, which has since made me want to figure out ways to make stoves safer. StoveTecs solution to this problem involves 2 particle photons that can read temperature. At 78 degrees it detects the stove as on. Using geofencing, it will know if you have left the perimeter of your apartment and within 2 minutes, it will alert you if you left your stove on. In an effort to create my own “smart stove” I could potentially use similar technology, to determine if the stove is on and send alerts, but one improvement would be to send faster alerts and to have the stove turn itself off.

2. WiFi Gas Detector

a. My roommates tend to leave the stove knobs on, which is very dangerous. In an effort to discover ways to make stoves safer, I came across the WiFi Gas Detector. Using the particle photon, Stefan was able to create a simple gas detector that detects methane and natural gas as well. If the sensor was activated there would be a beeper and alerts sent as texts. There are still make kitchen fires occurring and one way to help combat that is with a smart stove. One possible way to make it smarter would be to integrate similar technology as Stefan, but instead have it be more seamlessly integrated.

3. Irniv uses a sensor hub, smart knob, and app that will turn your stove off if unattended or in hazardous situations. The sensor hub has a gas and smoke detector that will turn the stove off when activated and uses motion sensors to alert you if the stove was left on but is unattended.



The first step was to figure out how the system would work, which can be visualized with the diagram below. 

A magnet would be placed on a pot, which will activate the hall effect sensor. This rose a problem later on where the magnet was not strong enough so I had to manually simulate the process.