Day with Andy Warhol

Made by Sarah Bien

Document media throughout a day.

Created: September 7th, 2015


I decided to document the media I would see on my trip to the Andy Warhol Museum. First, I noticed a particular advertisement on the 61 D bus to downtown Pittsburgh. Normally, I would be chatting with my friend and ignore the dim advertisements on the ceiling of the rackety bus. However, this particular advertisement caught my eye because it made me think of a little boy I knew from my childhood that was physically impaired. It made me feel a little sad, but also hopeful knowing that these advertisements were trying to reach out to the disabled. Second, as my friend and I were walking through an alleyway to the museum, we came across a yellow poster with bizarre dialogue printed on it. Usually, I wouldn’t have noticed these things in an alleyway and instead would be trying to walk as quickly as possible to the other side. I didn’t take much time to read the inscription next to the poster, so I was left mostly confused by the poster. Next, I found a black screen with red scattered dots printed on it in the alleyway. The screen was monitoring phone activity and the red dots reflected it, and I thought it was pretty interesting. Then, at the museum, since guests weren’t allowed to take any photos, there are no photos of Warhol’s art from my assignment accept the ones from the gift shop. I thought it was especially ironic to see the text on the wall about wasting money in the gift shop. I normally wouldn’t have noticed it since it was so high up on the wall. Finally, the day ended with a visit to the cafe and typically I would have missed the advertisement on the coffee sleeve to recycle. It made me consider the state of global warming and respect the work of these very recyclable coffee sleeves, but I still don’t believe recyclable coffee sleeves are enough to save our world from global warming.

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Document media throughout a day.