Death by Malloc

Made by Mauricio Cano

Created: November 17th, 2014


Artistic explanation

For my editing, I wanted to make sure I made the recording take on a foreboding and frightening quality which illustrated just how difficult and stressful the computer science lab whose description Kyle read was. I achieved this effect by adding 3 sets of loops: one slower, somber one at the beginning and another 2 more fast paced ones toward the middle. The somber one was supposed to capture the negative feelings and tension that preceded me starting the lab. Then, when kyle declares the task, a faster, more sinister loop begins to play. The tempo and quality of the loop replicate the race to finish the lab, the difficulty of the work and the very real possibility of failure. (LUCKILY, I FINISH THE LAB YOU GUYS)


The loops were stock apple loops. I chose the "dark" category and "melody" categories to decide on the middle two loops. The loop at the beginning is a piano with the key changed to F#. The initial loop is on its own and then layered with some of kyle's voice as he declares the assignment goal. As soon as he declares it, I started the darker, more sinister loop and let that run for a bit. Then added another tune layer (which also had a sinister quality), as Kyle explained the rest of the assignment. I had to also use audacity to remove the background hissing of the heater and general ambient noise in the room. Because I had chosen to have both the close-up and far-off recordings in one file for last week's assignment, I had to cut out the far-off parts. I also cut out the times when Kyle would slip up or mispronounce something. Toward the end, I added a fade in and out to the track to keep it from starting or ending too abruptly. I also faded out kyle's voice independently of the music to ease him out of the track while the music continued to play.

Concepts from the chapter: 

I chose to include elements of crescendo, with the music getting louder over the course of the track in order to peak the listener's interest. Additionally, I added an element of rhythmic variety (with the different loop types) to decrease predictability and keep the listener on the edge of his/her seat. 

For form the track starts with a somber loop, playing on its own (looped twiced). About half-way through it, I introduce Kyle's voice as he reads the lab's objective. Both the somber loop and his voice end abruptly after and are followed by the sinister, fast paced loop which plays on a loop til the end of the track. After two loops of the sinister melody, I introduce Kyle's voice again and the second foreboding tune. This one also continues til the end of the track. Kyle's voice fades out as he finishes explaining the lab and both remaining loops fade out shortly after.