Made by mzhong1

Created: November 19th, 2015


So I picked three songs, Nascence from Journey, Devipravaha by Christopher Tin, and Sacrifice from Dust an Elysian Tail.   I used clips from Planet Earth, various clips from Youtube, and Lava flows.  I decided to focus on cycles.  Nascence means beginning, and Journey makes me associate the song with the desert, so Nascence was first, with a blooming flower and rising sun over dunes video, which I mixed by overlaying them with elephants making the long trek across the desert.  Next I transitioned between the song and Sacrifice, which reminded me of volcanoes and death, with the dawning sun over the plains.  This then transformed into the burning of forests in Hawaii during the day, and finally to volcanic eruptions at night.  Finally, it transitioned to the opening of the piece Devipravaha, where the wind instruments open, with lilting sounds like raindrops plopping down one by one.  This I used various clips of falling water droplets, until the song builds up to the moment where the song modulates to a new key and the singer enters, which I cut out, is where I used video of falling rain.  Interspersed in each section are overlayed videos of blooming flowers at key points of the music where crescendos occured and nothing else was overlayed.