Dog Chorus

Made by Jeremy Sonpar

Created: November 24th, 2014


I created a short piece with a simple rhythm section background made of a drum beat and piano chords, which is topped by a chorus of dogs barking out. I got the clips of the dogs barking from the Volkswagen commercial where they barked out the Imperial March. I took the wav file into logic and turned that into a multitrack sequencer. I let the beat run and started playing without any real specific ideas in mind, because examining what I found a lot of the barks sounded pretty similar isolated. I settled on doing a 32 bar song with an AABA structure, the first 16 are more "melodic" sections of dogs barking, but from bars 17-25 the dogs go a little more crazy to create a contrast, it sounds kind of like what would happen if a bunch of dogs got mad at each other at the same time. For the final 8 I returned to a more melodic structure. I had the most trouble ending the piece, because I couldn't really construct a way to make a satisfying ending out of dog barks, so I found the sounds of the lightsaber they had in the commercial swinging and chose to end it with that. It comes a bit out of nowhere but I think its at least somewhat satisfying.