Doggie Bluesy Tune

Made by Tonya Sedgwick

Created: November 23rd, 2014


The original instrument I used was made from the recording of the noises my dog makes while he is playing. These were some delightful silly squeaking sounds (from his favorite squeaking toy), his collar jingling, and the grunting/play growl sounds he makes. The growls were very faint, and ultimately were mostly blocked out by the saxophone. I created some little blues riffs (after looking up a blues chord on the internet) with an organ and a saxophone. To make the tune, I first created a beat with two tracks of dog sounds (I used these as the "percussion" instruments), and then listened to it while playing around on the organ. I came up with a little loop on the organ, and recorded that. After listening to this recording all together, I was not quite satisfied with the sound, and tried out a lot of different instruments offered by Logic until I came to the saxophone. This sounded good with the other noises, so I messed around on it until I improvised a beat that I liked. I then recorded that along with the other sounds. Throughout the piece, I adjusted the right/left position of the sounds until the experience of listening got to the place I wanted.

From Belkin, I have applied contrast. There is the contrast in tones from the organ and saxophone, and also the contrast between the repetitive squeaking and the musical instrument sounds, which change throughout the piece. The point of reference is provided by the repeating tune the saxophone plays. I tried to make a climax by changing up the sounds towards the end, but I am not certain that it feels like a good enough climax. However, the last time I knew how to play anything on the piano was about a decade ago, so I was okay with going ahead with the piece as is, because I wasn't sure my composition abilities were good enough for me to make a better climax. The resolution is the sustained note from the organ and the final set of squeaks, which stand alone.

The piece is meant to be a silly spin-off of blues sounds. I found it amusing because I think it's ironic to have the sounds of a dog playing (which are happy sounds) set with blues music (which are surly, soulful sounds). The tempo is pretty quick, representing the playful spirit of the song.