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I stole a bunch of viral videos and one song and mashed them together to make a new song. :D wahoo

Created: October 11th, 2015



I want to make something funny from all the viral videos + popular media that we see often on the Internet. Nobody buys that stuff, but I do want people to get a good ol' chuckle. Although I will not use images, I will use sounds that people have definitely heard before. In that way I simulate the street art and pop art effect - using sounds that everyone's heard before to create another cool sound.



I was browsing through my social media the other day and stumbled across this video again.

Super Spice Bros 2
MowtenDoo -

If you can't tell, it is a masterpiece. It's a recreation of Mario music using only the old Spice commercial and other sound effects from the game. The timing of the sounds is perfect, and even though it feels like you should call it trash, I see it as a masterpiece. It does challenge what you think of as art. This is creative and catchy, so you can't help replaying it over and over again in your head (and in real life).

This was my inspiration. It also reminded me of similar videos I watched years back. (this bottom video gave me the idea to use weird laughter)



So I was going to do something to do with launchpad mashups because I really admire Shawn Wasabi (video below). BUT, I started doing the project, and it became apparent that I am not good at making music that isn't already made.  If you go through Marble Soda's description, you can see that he took sample from 100+ songs/sounds. I am merely a college student with other assignments to do, so I scrapped that idea, and here I am with a Mario remix. 

Shawn Wasabi - Marble Soda (live mashup)
Shawn Wasabi -

This dolphin remix is something that Shawn Wasabi used in the piece above. Although I didn't use any part of this video and also decided to scrap the launchpad mashup idea, it did give me the idea to include dolphins and screaming animals in my own piece.

Ariana Grande - The Way (Dolphin Tears Remix)
midnightxdrive_☁☽ -

In a way, I think using Mario again, like the Old Spice commercial remix, is two layers of stealing. I did do all the work and used other sounds, but it's a pretty unoriginal idea using nothing that is mine.



It's only 20 seconds long, but believe me, it took FOREVER. Speeding up the Mario theme song and then attempting to pitch (and failing to) each individual sound, and then aligning them up so that they sound like they're singing the song. Very difficult. I cut the Mario theme song short because just these 20 seconds took 2+ hours.

I chose Shia Labeouf's Just Do It video because I wanted it to be kinda encouraging as well. But it's really hard to say if it fits or not. Laugh while you fulfill your dreams, mate.

I used Adobe Audition, and these following pieces of media:

Videos: Double Rainbow, Shia Labeouf Just Do It, Girls with an ugly laugh be like, Dolphin Sound Effect, Funny Screaming Animals

Songs: Mario Theme Song

I obtained everything by using a Youtube audio ripper -

The end result (with some parts off the screen)
Screenshot %2880%29.thumb (2015) - my laptop


I think I captured what I wanted to capture. Although my prowess in sound editing is still trash, I did manage to capture the "sounds you didn't expect to be put together to make the Mario theme song" idea that I was going for. Some parts were rough because I didn't know what to do (like the first awkward "Just Do It" after the "Double Rainbow" and the ending). However, I can't do anything about my technique in the current moment. I showed it to my roommate, and she laughed, so I did at least manage to achieve the chuckle part. At the very least (for my technique), I wanted to get the beats to align well, which I think I did for the most part.

Midway through though, I feel as though I started trying to incorporate a message (Just do it! and double rainbow), and then gave up and put dolphin noises. In that regard, it was pretty bad.



In terms of wanting to do the launchpad mashup, I learned that creating music isn't that easy. They all use hundreds of different sounds to make something original and catchy, and it seems like they pick at random, but they really do have a good ear for what fits well with what. On the other hand, it is much easier to take a song and overlay it with other sounds to recreate the original sound.

If I were to do it again, I'd probably not focus on each beat so much. My focus on getting each beat correct made the project much longer than it needed to be and the final outcome much shorter. I would also want to add something original to my work so that it's not all just stolen content. And I would pick a theme like funny motivation or weird sounds and just stick with it so it doesn't just change randomly.

I did get an insight into the motivations behind other people uploading these kinds of videos. It's extremely fun if you have a few hours to just edit a video/sound file. As I was placing different files down, it became more and more like the sound I uploaded, so seeing that gradual change was very rewarding.

Roger showed this to me after I showed him my project. :'c So much better than mine.
Alex Mercer -
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I stole a bunch of viral videos and one song and mashed them together to make a new song. :D wahoo