Unity - Fragmentation

Made by Laura Lodewyk

Trying to represent ferns with visual techniques

Created: November 30th, 2014



For this composition I wanted to focus on the patterns that I think are easy to see in all instances of ferns.  I found that patterns I was drawn to was the curve of the fern unfurling and the repetition of the leaves that eventually creates the shape of the fern. While these are two separate pattern, together they create one fern. So I decided that while showing them apart in the composition, by using the same color, the viewer would understand that these are meant to be a single object.  To show the unity of the leave pattern I copy and pasted the same leaf to make a larger frond, and than copied that frond along the right hand side of the piece pointing to the curved line that represents how they would occur together in nature.  I think that the representation was successful for me, because I have grown up looking at ferns and their shapes. But I am unsure how viewers unacquainted with the subject will view the piece.



Since ferns are made up of many different leaves of many different shapes, I wanted to show how different parts can make up the curved part of a fern as a whole. Therefore, I sued different shapes of many different colors and tried to place them in the shape of a fern.  This one definitely does not feel as coherent as the last piece, and I don't think it is as successful at conveying the sense of a fern as a singular object. I am unsure if this is because ferns are clear representations of recursion in nature, and therefore very hard to make fragmented, or if it was my own lack of skill. Overall I felt this one was much more challenging and was less successful overall.

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Trying to represent ferns with visual techniques