Refined Implementation Plan: Smart Pour-Over Kettle

Made by Justin Slusher, Darshil Shastri, Stephanie Ho and Nik Kim ·

Created: December 4th, 2023



Our proposal is a solution to provide a more comforting morning coffee routine. For example, our smart device will illustrate how integrating moisture and temperature sensors to track the pour-over brewing process will engage the household in a calming yet interactive experience. When the pour-over filter becomes wet, it will notify all household members via. a mobile notification. In addition, a temperature sensor in the carafe will monitor the coffee brew, and upon reaching the ideal sipping temperature, the device will trigger Spotify music throughout the household, playing a selected playlist conducive to enhancing anyone's morning coffee routine.  

Interactions (Image Below):


System View (Below):


  A list of the components (aka bill of materials) that will be used:   


A moisture sensor is generally composed of two parts, one is an actual sensing module and the one is a small controller board.

Actual Soil Moisture Sensor: dipped in the soil and does the actual sensing, it is two-wired out the sensor, this out is connected to the sensor control board. Need to connect the 2 header pins (+ and -) to the soil moisture sensor control board as shown by the 2 blue wires above.

Soil Moisture Sensor Control Board: This board takes two-wire inputs from the Soil Moisture Sensor and converts them into digital and analog outputs. It has four pins on the output side pins has 4 pins on the other side labeled VCC, GND, D0, and A0.



Upper-temperature sensor: Typical waterproof temperature sensor. 

Bottom temperature sensor: Attachable temperature sensor. (Looks nice but expensive..)


  A list of references, supporting resources, and/or technical resources:  

Data Inputs


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