Final Project Research

Made by Ricardo Tucker

To research media installations that could be used to serve as inspiration for the final project, "Playground."

Created: November 30th, 2015


V Motion Project

The first project that I researched was the V Motion Project, a dual-Kinect interface that maps the musician's movements to MIDI samples in Ableton Live to create motion-based music. The interesting part of this project to me is how the team was able to condense the different aspects of music production down enough to operate them with simple gestures such as extending your hand or crouching. One of the problems with the piece, which is one they address in their documentation, is the fact that it is difficult to determine that the music is actually being created by the musician's movements and is not simply background noise to flashy movements. The documentation makes this obvious, but from just the performance it is hard to tell. Changes to the visual interface that the musician uses would perhaps make this more apparent to the audience while watching.

The V Motion Project
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Probable Universe

The second project I researched was the Probable Universe, an installation in which a robot arm scans the room around it and projects a randomly-generated pattern/world onto its surroundings. The idea behind the project is that our universe was determined through the probability of atoms and particles interacting the way they did, and that this project shows an infinite number of possible other universes that could have potentially been had the outcomes of these probabilities worked out differently. Given the nature of the project, there isn't much room for interactivity in it currently, but perhaps that could be added later. There is a 3D-scanner and Kinect sensor involved in the generation of each project run-through, so it might be possible to include some sort of interactivity the project without disrupting what has already been finished so far.

The Probable Universe - All films
Paul Ferragut -
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To research media installations that could be used to serve as inspiration for the final project, "Playground."