Final Project Research - Time Machine VR

Made by Everi

Research precedent work for the final project

Created: November 28th, 2015


Time Machine VR is a virtual reality game directed by Vander Caballero and developed by Minority Media. The user is a time traveler whose mission is to collect information on prehistoric animals. I selected this project for this assignment because I think virtual reality is a fascinating technology, and as a VR video game, Time Machine VR is a perfect example of an interactive playground. I think that VR will be the future of gaming (at least).

As this is just an early game trailer, it will be hard for me to critique this work. But it looks like they've focused on the story, the graphics, the background music, and the interactive elements, which makes it look like an enjoyable experience.

One thing I think this video could show better is how the user is able to interact with the virtual environment. Is the interactivity based on eye-tracking, or is there an external controller? Furthermore, it seems like interactivity is limited, but I'd have to play the game to know for sure.

Virtual reality isn't new, and so there are a number of precedent projects for this work. Furthermore, it seems to be similar to existing video games, with the difference being the platform it is designed for (virtual reality headsets). This work relates to ideas for my project because I would consider making a video game, possibly for VR if the time allows.


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Research precedent work for the final project