Final Project + Sample Book

Made by graceg

Here are the progress photos of my final project and sample book work.

Created: December 10th, 2017


Final Project

My final project is a skill investigation of felting by making a felted raccoon.

The idea is to make something similar to the following (not by me):



Although not complete, my progress is below. The underlying shape is in white wool, while the coloring is slowly layered on. Wires in the legs allow the raccoon to stand.


Sample Stitches

The following demonstrate some different stitches covered during the course.

Running stitch (large)

Running stitch (small)


Blanket stitch



Sewing Machine

The following are some practice stitches made using a sewing machine. Turns out that sewing in a spiral is harder than it looks.


Sewing with LEDs

The following is an example of sewing with electrical components, including LEDs, conductive thread and a battery pack.


Cricut + Laser cutting

Probably the coolest part of the course. The cricut/laser cutters can cut highly detailed shapes out of cloth, which can then be used to make iron-on patches and patterns.


Sewing 3D Forms

The following is an investigation of how 3D forms can be made by cutting and sewing cloth back together. The first image is how the cloth protrudes forwards on the good side. The second image is how the sewing was done on the back side to create this 3D form.

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Here are the progress photos of my final project and sample book work.