Final Research 1 + 2

Made by Cloud Tian

Created: November 30th, 2015


As soon as I heard the assignment to review two prior projects, the very first thing that pops into my head was my "Gamersky" project, because that project was my first art installation. However, that piece wasn't perfect and I still have expectation on that sort of installation, so I want to make it better in my final project by combining other elements into the installation to make it more interactive.

The second project I reviewed is the "Goodbye World" in module 4-3. I love the way they use a game console controller to design a interplay game and express their idea through the game. When I was holding the controller, I felt like I wasn't watching a performance but I was playing a game and the way I was playing is something that I never experienced before (yes, I haven't played Wii before). Their game, or performance, inspired me in a way that an interactive performance, or installation in the final project, can be designed to invite the audience to participate and even play in the performance/ installation.

So I did some research to help me think of my final project and I found two projects interesting.

The first one is called "kinetic construction toy" made by Eun Young Park. There are many ways that an installation can invite the audiences to participate in the performance. I'm inspired by the toy in a way that I can provide my installation into a changeable shape where audiences are welcomed to play reshape my installation and play with it.

Eun Young Park -

The second project I viewed is the "Sensory Playscapes" in India. It's a playground full of "colorful, geometric metal frames" that "adds significantly to the visual character of the space", according to the website. I love the way they arrange the playground and how they install the facilities and how they are making those facilities beautiful. With this kind of installation, audiences are not only enjoying the playground but also savoring the colors with their eyes.

PLAY[ground] by HASSELL